Cat Who Saved Elderly Man Becomes Police Chief for a Day and She Hates It Here


Koko-chan, a cat who helped save a man’s life last year, was recently appointed police chief for a day, and she appeared to not enjoy any of it.

The ceremony was held on April 13, where Koko-chan signed the certificate of recognition with her paw, according to NHK.

Koko-chan acted as the head of the department of traffic safety on the day of Japan’s spring traffic safety campaign, Says reported.

She attended a presentation about traffic safety with a group of elementary students, wearing a police officer uniform complete with a tiny hat throughout the day.

Screenshot via NHK
Screenshot via NHK

Her take on the human ceremony? Not pleased, by the looks of it, and possibly slightly bored.

Screenshot via NHK
Screenshot via NHK

The ceremony has melted everyone’s hearts.

Some were amazed at Koko-chan’s patience during the ceremony.

…while one user is now anticipating a Netflix adaptation.

Featured Image via NHK

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