Japanese Rock Balancing Artist is So Good He was Put in a Sony Commercial

A  talented artist in Japan, who has gained immense local popularity for his incredible skill in balancing rocks on top of each other, has landed an ad campaign deal with one of the country’s biggest tech firms.

Kokei Mikuni is able to craft physics-defying structures by expertly identifying his rock towers’ center of gravity. His unique skill has caught the attention of Sony who has tapped him to promote its latest array of noise-cancelling headphones.

Mikuni is now featured in a two-and-a-half minute ad, doing what he does best: creating impressive rock towers. He is of course able to do his thing even if he is surrounded by extremely loud noises.

Since his work requires total concentration, Sony’s MDR-1000X noise-cancelling headphones are shown to keep him focused. But while the headphones’ noise-cancelling abilities are impressive, it was the artist’s skill that impressed the most in the video.

According to RocketNews24, Mikuni developed his skill over years of practice, where he put in several hours each day to hone his focus and concentration.

It takes immense skill, patience and steady hands to be able to master the art, which according to Mikuni also requires careful attention to detail as the success of the structure depends on the proper placement of rocks.

Mikuni said his fascination with balancing rock towers began as a child when he played with rocks found by waterfalls. Such a theme is quite visible in the “rock” star’s growing portfolio of amazing work. His art can be viewed on his Instagram account and his own website called Rock’s Portrait.

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