Watch: ‘Metal Gear’ voice actor narrates tour of Kojima Productions’ new studio in Tokyo

Watch: ‘Metal Gear’ voice actor narrates tour of Kojima Productions’ new studio in Tokyo
via Kojima Productions

Akio Otsuka, the Japanese voice actor of the character Solid Snake, lends his voice

December 21, 2022
Kojima Productions, founded by legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima of “Metal Gear” fame, celebrated their seventh anniversary on Friday with a short tour of their new high-tech studio.
The tour, shared on Kojima Productions’ YouTube channel, is narrated by Akio Otsuka, the Japanese voice actor of Solid Snake in the “Metal Gear” games.
Situated inside Shinagawa Season Terrace, a multi-purpose complex in Tokyo, the new studio recently underwent a renovation based on the theme “Spaceship Transformation.”
According to a recent release, the new studio’s design expresses Kojima Productions’ “playful spirit and innovative nature” while simultaneously “expanding the functionality required by a creative studio.”
Otsuka narrates the recently uploaded tour while highlighting some of the new studio’s standout features.
The video shows a dark hallway with a streak of light leading to a room with mirrored walls and bright white floors and ceilings. At the center of it is a life-size model of Ludens, the company mascot.
The video also features the new studio’s drawing room; an art gallery that has concept art and artifacts of the game 2019 “Death Stranding”; an area where employees can watch movies; and a 150-seat dining area where employees can enjoy views of Tokyo Tower. Meanwhile, post-production work and audio recording are both done inside a state-of-the-art control room.
Otsuka shares that the different facilities can be accessed via the central studio lounge. He eventually says farewell as he prepares for a voice recording. The video ends with Kojima giving a thumbs-up to the camera.  

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