Kogi Truck’s Roy Choi is Going to Launch a Fast Food Chain That’s Actually Healthy and Affordable

During MAD4, an annual gathering for chefs in Copenhagen, Kogi Truck’s Roy Choi announced that he plans to open a fast food chain that offers low-income communities healthy and delicious food.

Choi is collaborating with fellow chef Daniel Patterson, owner of Coi in San Francisco for this project. The restaurant will be called Logo’l, and is planning to open it’s first location in San Francisco in spring 2015 and it’s second one in Los Angeles a few months after.

“We want to go toe to toe with fast food chains and offer the community a choice,” Choi told the Inside Scoop SF.  “I’m in the streets with communities and the youth everyday. The food options are ridiculously bad.”

Details on the menu items have yet to be released, however both chefs described the food at MAD4 as a mix of different cultures and a representation of what America is now. They will be focusing on healthy and sustainable foods and offer it at an affordable price.

“Don’t tell me we don’t want great delicious cheap fast food. Don’t f***ing ever tell me that. Choi told Inside Scoop SF.” It’s only because we haven’t been given the choice to choose, and we destroy our youth and our neighborhoods with corporations that serve addictive poison that we convince ourselves otherwise. I feel the beat of the people and they want more; we just ain’t giving it to them. It’s time to blast that suppression.”

Source: LA Times, Laist, Inside Scoop SF

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