Boy Swept 30 Feet Into the Air By Kite in Indonesia

Boy Swept 30 Feet Into the Air By Kite in IndonesiaBoy Swept 30 Feet Into the Air By Kite in Indonesia
Ryan General
December 9, 2020
A 12-year-old boy in Indonesia was caught on film being swept up into the air by a kite at the height of over 30 feet.
Young survivor: Onlookers watched as the child, identified only by his initials IR, was launched into the air on Dec. 7 in Pringsewu Regency, Lampung, reports Coconuts Jakarta.
  • When the boy fell as the kite made its slow descent, the crowd rushed to bring him to a nearby clinic, which later transferred him to a hospital.
  • While IR survived the incident, he sustained multiple bone fractures in both arms, according to the Pringsewu Child Protection Agency (LPA).
  • He underwent two surgeries and is now recovering at the hospital.
Terrifying footage: The incident, which took place in a field near a local high school, was captured on video and is now making the rounds on social media.
  • In the clip, IR can be seen lifted by the dragon-shaped kite that is at least three times his height after getting himself tangled in its string.
  • According to his older brother Acil, 28, IR usually hangs onto the string when they fly kites.
  • Another sibling was flying the kite when the incident happened.
  • LPA has since warned that children should only fly kites that are appropriate in size to avoid similar incidents.
Back in August, a 3-year-old girl was similarly lifted high into the air by a kite during a giant kite festival in Hsinchu, Taiwan, as NextShark previously reported.
Fortunately, for the child, operators managed to control the kite and pull her to safety with only minor scratches sustained from the incident.
Feature Image via BimChannel via Coconuts
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