‘Kingdom Hearts IV’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link’ announced by Square Enix

‘Kingdom Hearts IV’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link’ announced by Square Enix
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Daniel Anderson
April 11, 2022
Square Enix announced two new “Kingdom Hearts” games, “Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link” and “Kingdom Hearts IV,” to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

“Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link” will be a closed beta coming to iOS and Android devices later this year but only in specific regions.
According to a press release, players will “embark on adventures from the realm of Scala ad Caelum into the real world… [and]l be able to engage in exhilarating battles against the Heartless and discover a new, original story.”
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“Kingdom Hearts IV” has no platform or release date announced yet, but the press release hints at a new storyline called the “Lost Master Arc,” a new setting called Quadratum — an expansive city set in a realistic world “unlike anything ever seen before” — and “the first appearance of Strelitzia, a mysterious new character.”
“Kingdom Hearts III,” the direct predecessor to “Kingdom Hearts IV,” was released three years ago, in November 2019. The latest game in the franchise is “Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory,” a rhythm-based game released in November 2020.
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