‘House of Ho’ star crowns himself ‘King of the Ho’ in new music video directed by Drex Lee

“House of Ho” reality TV star Washington Ho has released an official music video for his song “King of the Ho.”

Fans of the HBO reality series might recognize the song from the first episode of Season 2, in which Washington plays the song for his family as he dances and sings along.

Performed by Washington, rapper Joe Blacks and singer Angel Alei, the video features vibrant Houston, Texas, backdrops and various cast members from the show, including Sammy Ho and Johnny Dang. 

Directed by social media influencer Drex Lee, the song and music video highlight the Ho family’s impressive wealth while also expressing how far they have come since immigrating to the U.S., Vietnamese pride and the importance of family. Scenes of Washington wearing a crown and posing alongside luxury cars are followed by images of Binh and Hue Ho before they became rich and Washington and his wife Lesley celebrating life with their children.

“House of Ho” Season 2 is now streaming on HBO Max.


Feature Image via YouTube

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