Woman filmed spewing racist slurs at Orlando restaurant’s Asian staff after refund disagreement

Woman filmed spewing racist slurs at Orlando restaurant’s Asian staff after refund disagreement
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June 15, 2022
A seafood restaurant in Orlando, Florida, took to social media to expose a woman who hurled racist abuse at its Asian staff after reportedly being denied a refund on Monday.
The woman’s tirade, which was caught on surveillance and cellphone videos, occurred at around 2:55 p.m. inside King Cajun Crawfish at 924 North Mills Avenue.
The restaurant said the confrontation started after the woman finished her meal — consisting of snow crabs and fried shrimp — and demanded a refund. She allegedly claimed that the shrimp were spoiled, despite having eaten three.
However, the restaurant maintained that the shrimp were not spoiled. They said the woman started ranting after they denied her a refund.
“We said sorry we cannot refund it and she started saying racist remarks. She also took all her food to-go,” the restaurant wrote in an Instagram post.
In an accompanying video filmed by manager Kristen Nguyen, the woman can be seen and heard saying, “You’re a Chinese bitch. You want me to spell it for you? You’re a Chinese bitch. That’s what you are.”
The woman leaves the counter saying unintelligible words in a mock Asian accent. She returns at one point, telling Nguyen, “Take your ass back to your country, ching-chong.”
Nguyen, who is Vietnamese, posted the video to spread awareness on anti-Asian hate. In its Instagram post, the restaurant identified the woman as “Elizabeth Knighton,” the owner of a small business called “Bodi Beauty Bar.”
Instagram users posted messages of support in the comments.
“Sorry you guys had to go through this experience. Karma will come,” one user wrote.
“Your staff is amazing and no one in hospitality deserves that type of treatment,” another wrote. “Thank you for all that you do for our city!”
After the incident, the restaurant said the woman posted Google reviews using different names about “events that did not take place.” Some Instagram users also claimed that she has been changing her Instagram username.
A deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office who serves as a lead liaison to the Asian community reportedly visited King Cajun after the incident.
NextShark has reached out to the restaurant for comment.
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