Idol Contestant Sits Next to His Billboard to Thank Fans After Losing on the Show

Kim Sunghyun, a former contestant on the South Korean boy band reality show “Produce X101,” held an impromptu signing after he was spotted sitting beside one of his billboard ads reading fans’ notes.

According to Kstarlive, the idol trainee was seen sitting on the platform of Shinnonhyeon subway station reading all the messages his fans left for him on his billboard ad on June 23.

One of Sunghyun’s fans posted on Twitter saying: “This is happening right now… I went here to see Kim Sunghyun’s billboard ads but I found him. He read all of the letters and post-its from fans and he said he would sit there to wait fans coming… ㅠㅠ

The post quickly spread on the social media platform and many fans immediately gathered at the train station to see their favorite idol.

Sunghyun also reportedly held an impromptu signing event for fans who came to see him in front of his billboard ad at the subway station.

Sunghyun is one of the most popular contestants on the reality TV show. Unfortunately, he did not make it out of the second elimination.

The only way for Sunghyun to get back on the show is for the fans to cast their X vote, which would allow him and 30 other eliminated trainees to return to “Produce X101.”

Sunghyun, a trainee under Stone Music Entertainment, made his debut under the group In2it.

Featured Images via Twitter / Anne___0424, YouTube / Mnet Official

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