Korean Politician Angers Netizens With the Most Arrogant Luggage Pass of All Time

Korean Politician Angers Netizens With the Most Arrogant Luggage Pass of All Time
Ryan General
By Ryan General
May 25, 2017
A South Korean politician has been widely criticized by netizens after a video of him lazily pushing his suitcase to his aid at an airport went viral on various social media platforms.
In the clip, Kim Moo Sung, a lawmaker in South Korea, was seen pushing his wheeled luggage nonchalantly towards a waiting attendant without making eye contact at the arrival hall of Gimpo Airport in Seoul on Tuesday.  
Kim, a member of the conservative Baerun Party, had reportedly just arrived from a Japan trip, the Straits Times reports.
A copy of the video, which was posted on YouTube by South Korean news channel YTN News, has received a deluge of comments from netizens who condemn the politician’s act as an expression of arrogance, self-entitlement, and elitism.
“This shows… the way he treats his subordinates!… How does he act in private if he even acts like this in an airport?… This is the bare face of the Korean elite!” said a comment (translated from Korean) posted on Korean social media portal Naver.
Others, however, have simply made fun of the incident, with some jokingly calling the action as a “no-look pass”, which is a reference to a move in basketball.
Kim had previously caused controversy and massive outrage after he compared a Nigerian student’s skin tone to charcoal back in 2015.
While he did issue an apology for his old comments back then, he was less apologetic when he was asked by local reporters about  his latest “controversy.”
“Why should I explain that? Don’t you have any other things to do? I am not interested and I have no intention of explaining,” Kim reportedly told reporters. “Just do your work.”
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