LOONA’s Kim Lip walks off stage at Chicago concert due to interruptions from fans during her speech

  • Kim Lip of K-pop girl group LOONA left the stage mid-concert during their Chicago tour stop after fans kept drowning out the singer’s speech with fan chants for fellow member Vivi.
  • After she missed the next three songs, LOONA’s leader HaSeul informed the crowd that Kim Lip would be absent from the remainder of the show.
  • Tour promoters MyMusicTaste later took to social media to announce that the singer would not be present at the meet-and-greet event happening that same day.
  • Kim Lip did participate in their Louisville show on Aug. 13.
  • The 12-member girl group will headline at KCON LA 2022 next week before venturing out to Europe for their tour in September.

LOONA’s Kim Lip left the stage mid-concert during their Chicago tour stop after fans repeatedly interrupted her with fan chants for member Vivi as she tried to give a speech. 

In videos posted on social media, concertgoers of the “LOONATHEWORLDTOUR” captured a scene where the 12-member girl group took turns speaking between one of their songs. Vocalist Kim Lip, who was supposed to speak after Vivi, was interrupted by fan chants for her fellow group member. 

Vivi tried to quell the audience by pointing out that it was Kim Lip’s turn to speak as Kim Lip pleaded with the crowd, saying, “Guys, please.” Some netizens and attendees claim the singer was holding back tears as she left the stage shortly after the incident. 

After the “Eclipse” soloist did not return for the next three songs, LOONA leader HaSeul informed the audience that she would be absent for the remainder of the concert. 

Unfortunately, KimLip isn’t feeling too well, so I feel like it’s going to be hard for her to join the next stages,” HaSeul said with a translator.

HaSeul continued to explain that the volume of the fans made it challenging for the artists to hear themselves speaking, “So when we talk, we would really, really appreciate it if you guys lowered your cheers just a little bit,” she implored. 

Tour promoters MyMusicTaste then took to Twitter to announce Kim Lip would not be participating in the meet-and-greet event happening later that day.

After the concert, member Heejin took to the artist-to-fan app Fab to tell fans to try and be more respectful for the future tour stops. Neither LOONA’s label BlockBerryCreative nor Kim Lip have addressed the incident, but the singer was present and performed at the Louisville stop on Aug. 13.

They will take a slight detour from the remainder of their tour to perform at KCON LA 2022 next week. Joining the girl group will be artists such as as ATEEZ, CRAVITY, ENHYPEN, ITZY, Kep1er, LIGHTSUM, NMIXX, P1Harmony, STAYC, Stray Kids, TO1, THE BOYZ and “Queendom” Season 2 winner WJSN.   

In September, LOONA will travel to Europe for the conclusion of their world tour. 


Feature Image via: Blockberry Creative

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