Kim Kardashian Just Filed a Trademark for the Word ‘Kimono’


Kim Kardashian West launched a shape wear line called Kimono Solutionwear and critics are not amused by the name at all.

A kimono is a Japanese garment, representing a rich culture and history since the 8th century. Now, its name is awaiting trademarks for items under Kardashian’s brand such as dog harnesses and whips, none of which have anything to do with Japanese culture.

The shape wear line is something that Kardashian has been passionate about for the past 15 years, according to her Instagram post.

“Kimono is my take on shape wear and solutions for women that actually work,” she wrote.

Many were quick to denounce the name, citing cultural appropriation, something that Kim Kardashian West has been accused of several times in the past. Those on Twitter used #KimOhNo to share photos of what a kimono looks like. Kardashian has “Kimono,” “Kimono Body,” “Kimono Intimates” and “Kimono World”  among other trademarks filed and awaiting review.

Feature images courtesy of (bottom left and top row) @kimono / (bottom right) @utatane_yukata

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