Kim Jong-un Wants McDonald’s in North Korea

In the midst of improving relations in the Korean peninsula, Pyongyang made it clear that it now welcomes American businesses — especially McDonald’s.

The news comes straight from the inter-Korean summit held on April 27, where North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met and adopted the Panmunjom Declaration.

North Korean leaders said at the conference (via SoraNews24):

“The country welcomes investments from America. We wish to attract McDonald’s and President Trump-affiliated companies. We hope America views us as a normal country.”

Why the regime made special mention of McDonald’s remains unclear. Nonetheless, Twitter users started weighing in:

A parody account, “McDonald’s North Korea” has already been in the internet for a while, rave reviews and all:

Lovin’ it?

Featured Images: Pixabay (left) | Flickr / kikodoze (right, cropped; CC BY 2.0)

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