Kim Jong-Un Romper is Now the Worst Thing on the Planet

ESPN’s Cary Chow made a bold claim on Twitter yesterday, announcing that he has come across ‘the worst thing on the internet’ and he’s probably right.

Yes, that is a Kim Jong Un romper and you can purchase one right now.

It was just weeks ago when rompers for men were introduced via RompHim, a Kickstarter project which seems to have quickly caught on. With more than 3,000 backers and over $350,000 raised since its debut in May, the latest fashion creation undoubtedly has generated quite a following. So it is almost expected that other retailers will come up with their own style of rompers for dudes.

It was fashion retailer GetonFleek which stirred the internet when it unveiled their romper variation that featured the gigantic smiling face of  North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. 

“Our Kim Jong Un Romper for men is the perfect all over print men’s romper, made with premium double sided sublimation,” the site proudly noted.

The “Kim Jong-Un Romper” may indeed be the ultimate anti-fashion statement, but satire does not come cheap as it currently retails for $79.99 plus $14.95 for international shipping. 

If rocking Kim Jong Un’s entire face is not your thing, there are other equally eerie choices:


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