Kim Jong-Un Promotes Ex-Girlfriend to Powerful Inner Circle

Kim Jong-Un Promotes Ex-Girlfriend to Powerful Inner Circle
Ryan General
October 11, 2017
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has rewarded a former flame with an influential position in the government as part of his highly powerful inner circle.
Kim’s ex-girlfriend, a popular singer named Hyon Song-Wol, was previously thought to have been executed by the regime four years ago. Reports emerged then that she was killed by firing squad in August 2013 for allegedly making a sex tape, but her appearance on national television a year later disproved the rumors.
She even lavished praises to Kim Jong-un during her TV appearance, commending him for his contributions to the development of the arts in the country.
Hyon Song-Wol and Kim Jong-Un met during the height of the singer’s career around 13 years ago. Their romance was abruptly cut after Kim’s father, Kim Jong-il, forced him to end it. Kim’s ex eventually married an officer in the North Korean military and had a child with him.
As the lead singer of popular all-female propaganda group called Moranbong Band, Hyon is most known for her popular tracks including “The Footsteps of Soldiers” and “I Love Pyongyang”.
Her biggest hit, however, was the 2005 song “Excellent Horse-Like Lady”, which extolls the virtues of a textile factory worker:
Lyrics to the song include:
“They say I am a virgin on a stallion,
Mounting a stallion my Dear Leader gave me.
All my life I will live to uphold his name!”
Her promotion, announced during the founding anniversary of the ruling North’s Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) on October 10, means she is now part of the ruling party’s central committee along with defense industry department deputy director Hong Yong-Chil, reports Yonhap News.
Kim’s younger sister, Yo-jong, has also been promoted to be an alternate member of the central committee’s Political Bureau.
Despite multiple economic sanctions imposed on the country earlier this year, Kim Jong-un trumpeted economic successes during the event, saying North Korea’s “national economy has grown on their strength this year.
“The nuclear weapons of the DPRK are a precious fruition borne by its people’s bloody struggle for defending the destiny and sovereignty of the country from the protracted nuclear threats of the U.S. imperialists,” he was quoted as saying.
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