‘Kim Jong Un’ is Now Posting Job Offers in North Korea

An overseas job offer is open for those adventurous risk-takers who are looking for some change of pace and a unique work environment. Kim Jong-un is looking for new laborers. Unfortunately, it’s just a parody.
A website and social media accounts under the North Korean dictator’s name have posted inviting job offers reading:
“Do you enjoy doing charmingly backward manual labour in the age of mechanization?”
The job offers the following perks:
-Living in the second-richest country on the Korean Peninsula.
-Permanent employment until death at the job of the government’s choice.
-Surprise life-long vacations for you and your entire family to our world-famous secret prison camps.
-Rock-bottom housing prices since no one has any money and private property ownership is illegal.
-Exciting new international sanctions on an almost monthly basis.
-Leadership from the world’s greatest god-king/CEO.
Requirements are not that demanding:
“Between the ages of 12 and 55.
Able to work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week with one lunch break (rice provided, famine permitting).
A team player who will never, ever question orders for any reason.
Educated enough to understand communism is the best form of government in the world.
Devoted to our Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, who blesses us with his infallible leadership and asks only for our unwavering allegiance in return.”
Olympians enjoy some extra perks:
“Incoming Olympic gold medalists eligible for extra rations. Bronze and silver medalists need not apply.”
The invitations, while funny, are a painful jab at the realities of North Korean labor camps and are meant to raise awareness about the conditions and human rights violations in the country, according to the BBC. Labor camps in North Korea are real issues perpetuated by the oppressive regime where people die of hunger, torture and mass executions.
Seoul-based advertising specialist Tomic Lee of Part Time Labs created the campaign for the charity Liberty in North Korea, a group based in the United States that provides assistance to defectors who choose to flee the country.
“We had the idea for this project and then pitched it to the NGO in the US. They are a small player and there’s only a limited budget. So a social media campaign like this really fits for that situation,” Lee told the BBC.
For the campaign, Lee’s team created Kim Jong-un’s personal profile and a LinkedIn account listing the job offer. While the LinkedIn post has been taken down, the website remains to keep the campaign alive. Clicking the “Apply now” button in the website directs visitors to the NGO’s website.
A Twitter account, also under Kim Jong Un, helps promote the job offer, tweeting to popular international celebrities, offering special positions under the dictator’s administration.
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Approximately two million people have died since the mid-1990s due to famine while hundreds of thousands of people remain held in labor camps, according to Amnesty International.
“A lot of organisations talk about the story in a very serious way – because of course a lot of people die and get tortured. But that means that people get tired of hearing it and they begin to avoid it,” Lee said.
“So we try to approach it in a slightly different way to get through to people and raise awareness. And humour works really well with North Korea. There’s no other country or leader like it.”
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