Kim Jong Un Is Gaining Weight Because He Loves Cheese and Wine Too Much

Kim Jong Un is reportedly gaining an unhealthy level weight because he can’t stop consuming two of his favorite European food items.

A report blamed the North Korean leader’s excessive consumption of French wine and Swiss cheese, International Business Times said.

It is believed that Kim began gaining weight since his ascension to power back in 2012.

Kim reportedly favored an expensive Bordeaux wine, which he drank with Kenji Fujimoto, his family’s former sushi chef, during a dinner in April. He also enjoyed Emmental, a medium-hard Swiss cheese, which he learned about back in his school days in Switzerland.

According to UPI, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service stated that Kim’s health has not improved since July. At the time, he allegedly weighed 290 lbs (132 kg).

It was also said that his older brother, Kim Jong Chul, engaged in violent behavior under the influence of alcohol. He allegedly broke bottles after drinking in a hotel room last year.

With the current North Korean leader’s drinking and eating habits, it is speculated that he might develop diseases related to obesity.

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