South Korea Has Actual Plans to Assassinate Kim Jong-Un

South Korea has a not so secret plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un.
According to South Korea’s defense minister, the country has trained elite troops to be prepared to assassinate Kim Jong Un if they feel an imminent threat of nuclear attack.
During a parliament meeting that took place on Wednesday, the defense minister was asked if there was a special forces unit assigned with the task of taking out the North Korean leader. According to CNN, he answered:
“Yes, we do have such a plan. South Korea has a general idea and plan to use precision missile capabilities to target the enemy’s facilities in major areas as well as eliminating the enemy’s leadership.”
The recent nuclear test carried out by North Korea has put officials in South Korea on edge. On Sept. 9, Pyongyang claimed a successful test of a nuclear warhead. In addition, the leadership tested a new type of a high-powered rocket engine that could possibly be used for an intercontinental ballistic missile this week.
Chief Director of Strategic Planning at the Joint Chiefs of staff, Leem Ho Young, revealed a new system called the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR) following North Korea’s nuclear warhead test claim. KMPR involves surgical missile attacks and an exclusive special warfare unit that targets North Korea’s leadership.
Under such circumstances, it seems practical to have an assassination plan. Daniel Pinkston of, the Northeast Asia Deputy Project Director for the International Crisis Group in Seoul at Troy University, said:
“A president would want to have the option […] Not presenting that to the president, not training for it and having that capability would be a mistake.”
South Korea’s defense ministry isn’t taking any risks. They are preparing for the worst case scenario and are expecting North Korea to conduct a sixth nuclear test in the near future.
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