Kim Jong Un Accidentally Gifts Mass Diarrhea to His Troops on Chinese Border

Kim Jong Un had an unusual surprise for his loyal soldiers during the holiday season: a nasty case of diarrhea for everyone.

Members of the North Korean armed forces, including border guards and other soldiers in the Korean-Chinese border region, reportedly suffered from a case of mass diarrhea, according to Kwong Wah Daily (via RocketNews24).

The report, published on December 26, pinpoints the cause of the widespread loosening of bowels to a package of uncooked Japanese sandfish sent to them by the supreme leader himself. It was well pointed out that the timing of the food delivery had nothing to do with the holidays but more of a necessity during a difficult period for the troops.

The region where the soldiers were stationed was earlier devastated by a flood that damaged most of its crops, leading to a short supply of food.

Due to the current UN sanctions against North Korea, exporting regional fish such as the Japanese sandfish is at a halt. With the government fisheries having a large surplus of them, Kim Jong Un was hoping to keep morale up by sending some fish over to his starving troops. Unfortunately, however, he ended up giving them the trots.

It was not reported whether an investigation was conducted following the ordeal.

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