Disturbing Footage Shows Elderly Vietnamese Woman Brutally Carjacked at Home in Houston

Kim Dang was getting out of her car in her driveway when someone punched her, pushed her down and stole her silver Honda on Monday.

The 76-year-old woman said she swims everyday and was on her way back from a workout when she was brutally carjacked at her Houston, Texas home.

The attack left Dang with bruises on her back, jaw and forearms.

I felt very furious, a lot of anger,” her son, Paul Nguyen, told Click2Houston. “You see it on YouTube, online, but for it to happen to your own family member and to your mom, it’s just like I couldn’t bear to watch the video.

Surveillance cameras, which were installed by Nguyen, shows two men walking down the driveway, then striking the woman as she was getting out of her car, according to NewsChannel 10.

It just so happens that my mom was coming home,” Nguyen told the station. “Bad timing, bad place, bad luck.

Fortunately, police found Dang’s car, about 10 minutes away from her home, on Tuesday afternoon.

Getting the car back helps a lot. There was evidence inside the car. They got fingerprints,” Nguyen explained.

Dang is still recovering, but the mother of five, who originally came to the U.S. from Vietnam, said she is sending prayers to her attacker.

She was rattled, but is not angry and hopes the suspects really think about what they’ve done.

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