‘Kill Chinese’ Swastika Graffiti Found on University of Sydney Campus

‘Kill Chinese’ Swastika Graffiti Found on University of Sydney Campus

August 3, 2017
Just a month after hateful anti-Chinese posters were found scattered in Monash and Melbourne universities, another display of unabashed racism against Chinese students is flaunted in yet another Australian university.
On the opening day of the semester, racist graffiti containing the words “kill Chinese” and a swastika logo were reportedly found in two separate men’s toilet cubicles inside the University of Sydney, according to News.com.au.
One was discovered inside the International Students Lounge and another was found in the business school building, two areas where many Chinese students often gather.
An image of the graffiti was posted by China’s state-owned paper The People’s Daily on its Facebook page earlier this week, earning strong reactions from netizens.   
In a statement released to local media, the University of Sydney Union said that the graffiti were removed on Monday, the same day they were found.
“The USU does not tolerate racism in any of its forms and we are working swiftly with campus security to ensure any and all remnants are removed,” the union said in a statement.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang had earlier expressed his opinion on the previous racist posters, which were written in Mandarin, threatening Chinese people would be deported if they entered the buildings.
Noting that the posters had “raised dissatisfaction” among Chinese students, Kang said, “The safety, dignity and legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese students in Australia must be protected with concrete efforts.”
A white supremacist group called the Antipodean Resistance has claimed responsibility for the posters on Twitter. The group, which identifies itself as pro-Nazi and promotes White Australia, has a website that contains anti-Chinese slurs and Nazi imagery.
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