One Video Sums up the Terrible Reality for Kids Who Are Addicted to Technology

Nature Valley is pointing out the striking disparity between what children did for fun in earlier generations and what the children of our generation do today. A new ad for the General Mills-owned granola bar company asks three generations of families the same question: “When you were a kid, what did you do for fun?”
The two older generations reminisced about being children playing in the outdoors: picking blueberries, playing hide and seek, building forts, and fishing by the river.
In contrast, the children of today reported spending a majority of their time playing video games, streaming videos online, and texting on their phone.
One boy in the video confessed that he often gets lost in video games:
“I forget I’m in a house, that I have parents, that I have a sister, that i have a dog. I just think I’m in the video game. I completely get lost.”
Another boy revealed that he plays video games to relieve his negative emotions,
“Whenever I feel upset, I play video games, and I feel normal.”
The ad tells viewers that everyone has a “special connection with nature that needs to be nurtured.” “Nature has always been a part of childhood,” it says. “Let’s make sure it doesn’t stop with us.”
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