Kids Left Home Alone Spotted Playing on Dangerous Building Ledge in China

Kids Left Home Alone Spotted Playing on Dangerous Building Ledge in China
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 20, 2017
A video of two kids dangerously playing on the window ledge of a high-rise building in China has been making the rounds on Chinese social media.
In the widely shared clip, a boy and girl, who are believed to be around 7 or 8, can be seen casually walking from window to window, apparently oblivious to the potential risks of falling from the 10th floor of their residential building.
The incident, which happened on July 18 at Matang residential district in Wuhu, Anhui Province, involved children who were left home alone by their parents, according to Daily Mail.
In a death-defying stunt, the kids even swapped positions in the middle of the ledge. As there is obviously no protection at the window ledge, they could have easily fallen to their deaths.
Fortunately, neighbors saw the boy in a yellow top and the girl in a white top as they chased each other in and out of two windows.
It is unclear, however, how long the children had been playing on the ledge when neighbors saw them.
After being contacted by police officers, the children’s parents rushed back home, reportedly shocked upon learning of the dangerous stunt the kids pulled.
“There were no adults in the house while the children were playing. Three children were in the house but two of them were seen playing on a window ledge,” police officer Ma Zheng told Pear Video.
Ma said that the parents warned the two children not to do it ever again.
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