Kids Would Apparently Hang Themselves to Be in a Logan Paul Video

In the aftermath of the Logan Paul debacle, netizens all over the world are voicing their disapproval for his abhorrent, disrespectful video that depicts a suicide victim hanging from a tree.

And while Logan Paul has largely been condemned for his actions worldwide, there are plenty of people who are sticking up from him — namely, his young, impressionable fans.

Some have made videos showing their support.

Perhaps the most disturbing comes from a self-professed Maverick, who claimed that the dead man in Paul’s video should feel lucky and that he would kill himself for the same opportunity.

“Since I’m a Japanese Maverick, I deserve to have a platform,” says one young teenager, wearing Logan Paul merchandise to show solidarity with his beloved YouTuber. “The guy who died should be lucky to be in Logan Paul’s VLogs. I’d do anything — even that — to be in Logan Paul’s VLogs because you get recognized by a lot of people, you know? Millions of people! And since I’m a Maverick, we do different things, so even though a normal person would not film it, we’re Mavericks, so we film it anyway. So [makes noises as he pretends to shoot viewers with a money gun] Maverick Style!”

While it may be too late for the LoGang, all hope is not lost; one child’s voice stands out above the rest:

“Logan Paul [is] a jerk because he saw a dead body and he laughed,” said one four year old.

Paul has not elaborated on the backlash since his second apology was posted on January 2.

Featured Image via Twitter / Keemstar

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