College Student Killed By Champion Boxer After Getting Paid $34 to Fight


A poor college student desperate for cash died after fighting a kickboxing champion in a match.

Promised $34 for the fight, 22-year-old Ming Jixian decided to take on an experienced kick-boxer named Wang Haoran in Chengdu city, Sichuan province on November 30.

Wang, 19, boasts a perfect 11-0 record, including three knockouts, reports Shanghaiist.

Ming, who came from a rural farming family, trained for only a month in preparation for the match that guaranteed a 240 yuan ($34) appearance fee — win or lose.


The inexperienced fighter got hammered as soon as the match began, with Wang emerging as the winner after only 35 seconds.

A video clip from the match emerged online showing Wang in an attack mode, punching Ming in the face several times. With one hand behind his back, he was able to send the poor student crashing down to the floor with a powerful punch to the head and kick to the stomach.

Ming was rushed to a hospital in Chengdu where he stayed in a coma for weeks before he finally passed away on Friday.

Ming’s family has since been fundraising online to pay the hospital bills that racked up to over 200,000 yuan ($28,544).

They have also demanded compensation from the event’s organizer. While the organizer has given 80,000 yuan ($11,400) as compensation for Ming’s death, the family is asking for more due to the medical bills.

Ming’s family is now seeking to have an autopsy done on Ming soon so they can use the report in a lawsuit against the company.

Feature Image via Netizen Watch

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