Singaporean Auntie Spotted Setting Up a Hotpot Dinner with Flowers at KFC

An auntie in Singapore created quite a buzz online after clips of her apparent attempt to set up a fancy table for a meal at a fast-food restaurant emerged on Instagram.

An anonymous Instagram account posted several Instagram Stories showing the woman setting up her own furnishings at a table of an unknown Kentucky Fried Chicken branch.


After setting up a red tablecloth, the woman can be seen decorating it with a vase of peach blossom flowers, arranging plates with chopsticks and placing a hot pot cooker on the table.

From the looks of the preparation, it would appear that a group of diners was set to have a nice holiday dinner way before Chinese New Year.

As the auntie was setting up her table, a KFC employee approached her, seemingly offering her some assistance.

The stunt generated discussion on social media as to the reason behind the elaborate furnishings for a KFC table.

As it turned out, the table was not for any special reunion dinner but a part of a KFC campaign to promote their Chinese New Year special: the decidedly untraditional Parmesan Truffle Chicken.

KFC announced on Thursday that the fancy table setup was intended for customers to take pictures of in order to get a free piece of chicken. Diners can snap a photo of the table at KFC’s Jurong Point outlet.

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