KFC Unveils Spicy Chicken Mooncakes in Hong Kong

A unique spin on a classic Chinese dish, spicy chicken mooncakes are launching at a new KFC in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

The new special mooncake, which are just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 13, comes in the form of mini mooncakes with spicy chicken, crushed almonds and walnuts, and sunflower seeds as filling, South China Morning Post reported.

Image: KFC via South China Morning Post

KFC took months to get the taste of this very unique dish right, according to chief executive officer of KFC in Hong Kong, Janet Yuen Yau-man.

“Our R&D [research and development] team pitched the idea of putting our signature chicken flavour into the mooncake and we decided to give it a try,” Yuen said. “It took about six months of experimentation to get the mooncake taste right, along with the packaging.”

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However, the special KFC spicy chicken mooncake is only available in a limited-time promo, the Moonlight Bucket. This offer comes with three spicy chicken mooncakes and three golden lava mooncakes that are filled with salted egg yolk custard.

Image: KFC via South China Morning Post

This Moonlight Bucket, which features KFC’s Colonel Sanders in a space suit, doubles as a lantern.

Image: KFC via South China Morning Post

The meal will be available for 275 Hong Kong dollars ($35) at KFC locations in Hong Kong from August 13 to September 10, Business Insider reported.

Featured images via Instagram and KFC / KFCHK (left) and  South China Morning Post  (right)

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