KFC releases miso-flavored fried chicken in Japan

KFC releases miso-flavored fried chicken in JapanKFC releases miso-flavored fried chicken in Japan
via KFC Japan
Carl Samson
November 17, 2023
How does miso taste in fried chicken? KFC apparently knows the answer, having announced the first of its kind this week.
What’s it called: The new flavor is called Spicy Miso Garlic Chicken and will hit KFCs across Japan next Wednesday, Nov. 22, according to a press release. Each piece is priced at 320 yen ($2.14), while sets with multiple pieces range from 910 yen ($6.08) to 2,040 yen ($13.63).
via KFC Japan
Behind the flavor: The flavor was developed in response to customer demand for the colder months. KFC, for those who may not know, is a Christmas tradition in Japan.
KFC took inspiration from the experience of eating jjigae, a Korean hot pot dish, in the winter. The restaurant chain had to find the perfect balance between chili peppers, garlic and miso and use them to enhance the chicken’s flavor.
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About miso: The addition of miso makes the new KFC chicken uniquely Japanese. Made from fermented soybean paste, miso is a common ingredient used in traditional Japanese dishes, adding a rich umami flavor to them.
Reactions: Japanese X users expressed excitement over the new addition to KFC’s menu.
“This looks very delicious!” one wrote.
Another commented, “Garlic in chicken is already delicious, but adding spiciness too? I can imagine it’s very tasty.”
“No doubt I’ll line up at the drive-thru,” another noted.
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