KFC Hong Kong’s Newest Fried Chicken Ads are Deliciously Creative

New York ad agency Ogilvy & Mather‘s Hong Kong branch has thought of a brilliant and fiery way to promote Kentucky Fried Chicken’s spicy chicken.

The agency photoshopped KFC Hong Kong’s spicy chicken to make it look like flames and smoke coming out of a rocket ship, as can be seen in a Facebook post made by Post-Production Advertising, which managed to gather more than 7,700 shares and 6,700 reactions.

The company also put a friend chicken behind a racing car to make it look like smoke coming out from the tailpipe.

But the ad that takes the cake is the background explosion of what appears to be a crossover of two of the most popular live-action shows in Japan: “Super Sentai Series” and “Kamen Rider.”

It turns out that people have already tried to make their very own KFC marketing ad in the past. Here are a few Twitter posts from 2015:

Images via Facebook / Post-Production Advertising

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