KFC Now Has Straight Up Fried Chicken Skin… in Indonesia

KFC Now Has Straight Up Fried Chicken Skin… in Indonesia
Ryan General
May 31, 2019
Those who enjoy nibbling on the crunchy skin part of their fried chicken are going to love the latest menu item from KFC Indonesia. 
After successfully introducing a similar offering in the Philippines, KFC is now selling fried chicken skin at select restaurants in Indonesia as part of its regular menu.
KFC Indonesia recently announced on its Instagram account that it launched the “Fried Chicken Skin” earlier this month. The announcement has been widely met with excitement among many netizens.
The item is currently being offered in six Jakarta branches — MT Haryono (KFC Gelael), Salemba, Cideng, Kemang, Kalimalang and Kelapa Gading — and local KFC fans are already demanding to expand its availability to other restaurants.
While the new product may sound unusual to many outsiders, it is worth noting that deep-fried chicken skin is a popular type of street food in Southeast Asia.
Long before the popular chicken fast food brand decided to include it in their menu, food stalls in the Philippines and Indonesia have been serving fried chicken skin as snacks.
Prepared with chicken breading, the texture and crunchiness of the fried skin make a favorite among those who want to consume chicken the way one would do chips.
A bag stuffed with a dozen bite-sized pieces of crispy fried chicken skin in KFC costs around 13,636 rupiahs ($0.95).
In the Philippines, the item is called the new “Original Recipe Cracklings” which is sold for 35 Philippine pesos ($0.67) for the regular size and 58 pesos ($1.11) for the large version.
“Cracklings” is also offered as a side dish with KFC’s Fully-Loaded Meal for 145 pesos ($2.78). Just like in Indonesia, they are only available at selected KFC branches in the Philippines.
Featured Image via Instagram / kfcindonesia
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