KFC China forced to sell chicken feet due to inflation

KFC China forced to sell chicken feet due to inflationKFC China forced to sell chicken feet due to inflation
Carl Samson
August 4, 2022
KFC stores in China have reportedly begun selling chicken feet, giving customers a new finger-lickin’ experience.
The move, however, is not a response to long-time calls to bring the traditional Chinese delicacy to the fast-food chain’s menu. Instead, the new offering comes as a consequence of inflation, according to CNN Business.
Skyrocketing oil and food prices have raised costs for businesses in China, which are only starting to bounce from the impact of recent COVID-19 lockdowns. Yum China, which owns the local KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell chains, saw a net drop in sales for the second quarter.
The company, which saw 89 percent of its Q2 sales from online orders, said it had to cut down on marketing and advertising. Then, it urged its restaurants to make the most of what they have.
“We try to absorb this commodity price increase, with … full utilization of the chicken,” Yum China Chief Executive Officer Joey Wat told CNN Business.
Aside from chicken feet, the chain started offering chicken wing tips, sparing only the head and feathers.
Despite its struggles, Yum China remains committed to its long-term goals, according to Sina News. The company has vowed against laying off staff since the start of the pandemic, and their fiscal target is consistent with the one that was set on Feb. 8.
KFC China, for its part, will continue to engage customers through various experiences. It recently launched a “minimalist version” of its app to cater to older customers.
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