YouTube Pioneer KevJumba Rises From the Dead, Gives Insight to Why He Left YouTube

YouTube Pioneer KevJumba Rises From the Dead, Gives Insight to Why He Left YouTube

March 28, 2017
KevJumba, whose real name is Kevin Wu, was one of the pioneers of vlogging and skit videos on YouTube until he mysteriously left the scene in 2013 and made some of his videos private, with no explanation — until now.
Similar to fellow vlogger Nigahiga, Wu became one of the most popular YouTubers in the industry’s early days.
Wu was able to gain millions of subscribers (he currently has over 2.8 million) by making comedies and blogs which mostly touched on his Asian-American background. His videos became instant hits for being relatable and hilarious with a little support from his dad who made an occasional cameo.
But in 2013, Wu took a hiatus from YouTube. Many suspected that he was just busy with some charity work, using the fame that YouTube brought him and the money he earned from his charity JumbaFund to build schools in Nairobi.
There were assumptions that he quit YouTube for good to pursue his college education. Some even said he became a monk when fans spotted him on college campuses holding the “Bhagavad Gita”, one of the most well known Hindu scriptures.
One of his latest Instagram posts is a photo of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad, a man known as the founder of the “Hare Krishna Movement“.
Sometime last year, Wu launched a blog called and wrote that he left YouTube to go back to college and study Buddhism. He also noted that contrary to the rumors, he didn’t actually become a monk, but just “admires” them. That blog has recently been set to private as well.
Additionally, it also appears he’s trying to rebrand himself as both his Twitter and YouTube name have now been changed to simply “Kev”.
Last week, Wu released a video titled “Hope”, which helped to shed some light on where he’s been for part of his hiatus. He also revealed that he suffered a near death accident last year when he was hit by a car and had to be hospitalized for 45 days. His father moved him back to Houston so that he could look after him. 
About five days ago, Wu uploaded an acting reel vowing to pursue his passion for acting again, but fans would probably be more surprised reading the second line of the description.
You read that right folks, KevJumba has returned! He’s alive and kicking and he’s back to continue where he left off! Team Jumba!
Check out his latest video below:
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