‘We are ready for this chapter’: YouTube pioneer KevJumba hints at potential comeback

‘We are ready for this chapter’: YouTube pioneer KevJumba hints at potential comeback‘We are ready for this chapter’: YouTube pioneer KevJumba hints at potential comeback
Isa Peralta
August 10, 2022
YouTube pioneer KevJumba shocked fans after hinting at a potential comeback in a recent Instagram post.
KevJumba, whose real name is Kevin Wu, shared a picture of his fiancée Ginger shaving his head on Tuesday. 
“I didn’t think she’d let me do it… Yesterday, I told her I’m trying to make content, music, stuff again and I needed to let go,” Wu wrote in the post’s caption. “I slipped in that I wanted to shave my head, and was expecting to be denied. Instead, she said she’d do it, and instead of a buzz cut, she let me go all the way. My first time full-shave.”
“I’m ready to take on the world!” he added.
The 32-year-old YouTuber and Twitch streamer did not share specific details about any upcoming content, but several commenters expressed their excitement nonetheless.
“Bald Kevin. Kevin. Idc whichever. I can’t wait to see what you’re working on,” one user wrote, while another asked, “Does this mean your YouTube channel is coming back?”
Wu’s fellow YouTubers also showed their support in his post’s comment section.
“We are ready for this chapter,” Wong Fu Productions’ Philip Wang said.
“We love a new story arc,” beauty vlogger Michelle Phan wrote.
“Lookin good bro,” singer-songwriter AJ Rafael commented.
Wu previously talked about the “future of KevJumba” during an “Ask KevJumba Live” that he posted on his YouTube channel Team Jumba in November 2021. 
“The future of KevJumba is KevJumba. All the other things — Twitch streamer, YouTuber, gamer, artist — those are all accessories that I will try on,” he says in the video. “And I would love to continue to make content and put it out on all those platforms.”
Wu reportedly started posting comedy skits and vlogs on YouTube in 2007. He soon rose in popularity, amassing millions of views and subscribers before his sudden disappearance in 2013. Around four years later, he returned to YouTube with a video about what happened while he was away, revealing that he was once hospitalized for 45 days following a near-fatal car accident.
In November 2020, Wu created a Twitch account under the username “cybermuse,” which he later renamed “kevjumba.” He posts occasionally on his second YouTube channel Team Jumba, where he primarily shares videos of himself gaming. He also dedicates time to producing music, and on Aug. 7, he tweeted about “an entire Valorant musical” he made eight months ago.
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Wu’s most recent main channel YouTube video “Meta,” which was posted on July 28, features a song he wrote, arranged and recorded in collaboration with fellow artists Zooty and Jonum. Prior to “Meta,” he posted a comedy skit titled “Texting 101” on Mar. 27, 2017.
Featured Image via @kevjumba (left), Kevin (right)
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