Sony Pictures Picks Up ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Author’s Latest Book for Possible Movie

Sony Pictures Picks Up ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Author’s Latest Book for Possible Movie

July 20, 2020
“Crazy Rich Asians” author Kevin Kwan’s new novel, “Sex and Vanity,” was picked up by Sony Pictures and SK Global Entertainment as a potential movie earlier in July.
“Sex and Vanity” follows the story of Lucie Tang Churchill, a half-Asian and half-English American heiress who finds herself in a romantic predicament between her WASP fiancé and her former fling, George Zao, according to Harper’s Bazaar.
“Soon, Lucie is spinning a web of deceit that involves her family, her fiancé, the co-op board of her Fifth Avenue apartment building, and ultimately herself as she tries mightily to deny George entry into her world—and her heart,” the book’s synopsis read.
In an interview with South China Morning Post, the 47-year-old author describes his latest lead character as someone who is “reckless, complex and not as likeable as Rachel or Astrid.”
“Early readers told me she is annoying,” Kwan added. “Well, she is supposed to be vexing. You are meant to be frustrated with her as you would be your teenage daughter. She is a girl who is making stupid choices all day long.”
As for George, Kwan said he is more like a “modern Asian man” who has no patience for “social fripperies.”
“He was born in Hong Kong, but he was schooled in Australia and now he’s going to college in the U.S., he’s going to U.C. Berkeley, studying environmental architecture,” he said. “So he’s very much, you know, the hybrid of the modern Asian man. And he has no patience for the social fripperies of, not just the crazy rich Asian set, but also the WASP set. You know, he really could give a damn.”
“Crazy Rich Asians” had seen a grossing $239 million at the global box office in 2018, reported The Hollywood Reporter.
Kwan is reportedly working alongside John Penotti, who worked with Kwan on the last hit.
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