American Bro Finds Out How Difficult it is to Survive in Shanghai on $20 A Day

Kevin Cook is the cute American guy who should seriously be in a movie somewhere. The YouTuber recently challenged himself to spend only 130 RMB or $20 for a day. As an avid traveler himself, Cook wanted to prove that it is possible traveling on a tight budget in an expensive city.

In his video, he leads viewers through the streets of Shanghai buying delectable treats on the way. He can probably send in the clip of him eating Shanghai Baozi Buns as an audition tape.

According to his Shanghaiist, Cook graduated from university in 2011 and took on a series of unfulfilling jobs. After saving enough money, he decided to pursue his dream of living abroad and teaching English. Cook completed a 3-week TESOL training course in Phuket, Thailand in April 2013 and taught English in a small town in the northern mountains of Thailand.

He made the move to China in August 2013 where he finally settled down in Shanghai in 2014. His goal is to launch a YouTube series to show others what life is like on the road with only $20 to spend a day.

Cook travels by foot with just his backpack, posing for pictures with everyone in Shanghai. His Chinese is pretty impressive… those chopstick skills though.

By the end of the video, Cook even had $7 to spare after using his budget for expenses including accommodations, transportation and food.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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