Malaysian Dare Devil Climbs World’s Tallest Bridge to Propose to Polish Girlfriend

Malaysian Dare Devil Climbs World’s Tallest Bridge to Propose to Polish Girlfriend

December 5, 2016
There are many creative ways to propose to your loved ones.
Keow Wee Loong, 28, decided to put his climbing skills to good use by scaling the world’s tallest bridge (1,852 foot) in China to propose to his girlfriend.
He filmed the whole stunt and took pictures before posting it on her Facebook page to pop the question on November 27.
The couple met back in May 2016 while Loong was taking photos inside the Fukushima exclusion zone in Japan when he lost his wallet, containing 300,000 yen (roughly $2,600). He then stumbled into a Family Mart convenience store where he met his now fiancee Marta Sibielak, 24, from Poland.
“It was weird seeing a western woman working in a Family Mart in Japan. I was lost and wanted to use the wifi in the shop but I ended up talking with her.” Loong told MailOnline.
At the time, Sibielak was preparing curry for a customer and greeted Loong in Japanese. When he replied back in english, she lit up.
“She spoke to me in Japanese, assuming I was Japanese. But I replied to her in English and she seemed excited to be able to speak to a foreigner.” Loong told World of Buzz.
After treating him to a bowl of curry, the two talked for over an hour. Loong grew fond of his new friend and wanted to get her contact info.
He was hesitant at first because he was shy and was scared she had a boyfriend. However, he knew he couldn’t miss this rare opportunity.
“I know if I don’t ask for her contact number, I will never see her again,” he said.
For the next four days up until he had to go to Fukushima, Loong visited Sibielak at work every day and walked her back home after work. Sometimes, he’d miss the train and had to walk two hours back to his hotel.
It wasn’t just her beauty that attracted Loong to Sibielak, it was that she had a beautiful soul and truly cared for him. When he didn’t have a place to live after returning from Fukushima, Sibielak let him stay at her place.
“I had a fever a few days later and she took really good care of me. Getting me pills, feeding me and taking me to Ramen,” he said.
Looking back, it was during those moments that convinced Loong that he wanted to be with this woman for the rest of his life.
“When you’re sick and homeless, someone who doesn’t have enough for themselves but is willing to give everything to you will make it certain.”
Six month later, Loong decided to pop the question, but wanted it to be extra special. He decided to film himself on the tallest building in China and show her the video. However, he was caught by security decided to change locations to Beipanjiang Bridge, the world’s tallest bridge.
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Loon and his videographer Abraham Shilton Cambala spent over two hours climbing the mountain to the bridge — and another 40 minutes scaling to the top.
“I climbed the mountain and scaled up to the tip of the crane at 2,427 feet high.” he told MailOnline.
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“It was cold and strong wind caused the crane to wobble. We had limited time to get the footage we needed and the spot I was standing in was easily visible by security below.”
His initial plan was to show the video to his girlfriend at a movie theater, but it they ended up closing it last minute. So he had to go with Plan B.
Loong took Sibielak to a trip in Bali, Indonesia. While they were eating at a restaurant, Loong excused himself to go to the bathroom. Knowing she always checks Facebook whenever she’s waiting for someone, he uploaded the following photo.
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Sibielak was the first person to comment and replied with a simple “yes”.
By the time, Loong came back from the bathroom, she was crying tears of joy. Shortly after, he presented her with the ring on Kuta beach in Bali.
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The two are currently in a long distant relationship, but plan to get married next year. They will start their new life in Malaysia after Sibielak finishes her studies in Japan.
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