Japanese Dad Stabs Young Son To Death For Not Studying

A young Japanese boy recently lost his life after his father allegedly stabbed him multiple times for failing to prepare for his exam.
According to local authorities, 48-year-old Kengo Satake used a kitchen knife to stab his 12-year-old son Ryota to death, Time reported. The boy was rushed to the hospital but it was too late.
Police immediately arrested the father after the hospital staff in the in Aichi prefecture of Nagoya called the police. The boy’s mother was reportedly at work when the incident happened.
The father told police that he had stabbed Ryota “by mistake” after he “argued with his son for not studying,” NHK reported. His son, who was about to take an entrance exam at a leading private junior high school in Aichi prefecture, lost too much blood from the stabbing, causing him to die in a hospital on Sunday.
Satake was later revealed to be an alumnus of the same private school he wanted his son to go to. People close to the family stated how the father had scolded him regularly over his studies.
In Japan, there is intense pressure in getting to the best schools and being admitted to a prestigious one is believed to have a lasting impact on one’s future employment or career prospects.
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