Kendall and Kylie Jenner Face Backlash for Allegedly Refusing to Pay Bangladeshi Factory Workers

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Face Backlash for Allegedly Refusing to Pay Bangladeshi Factory WorkersKendall and Kylie Jenner Face Backlash for Allegedly Refusing to Pay Bangladeshi Factory Workers
Jenner sisters Kendall and Kylie refuted allegations of failing to compensate a factory in Bangladesh that produces garments for their joint fashion line, Kendall + Kylie.
The claims came to light in a now-deleted post by fashion watchdog Diet Prada, which also cited efforts of a nonprofit that identified a company allegedly running the sisters’ brand.
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Remake, which lobbies to make celebrities and companies in the same business “#PayUp,” claimed that Global Brands Group (GBG) owns Kendall + Kylie. Due to a drop in sales from the COVID-19 pandemic, the company reportedly refused to pay workers for orders completed in February and March.
“It’s no secret that COVID-19 has hit people of color the hardest,” Remake posted on June 1. “In the context of fashion, brands and retailers have en masse canceled produced and in production orders dating as far back as February, evoking the force majeure contract clause to leave them scot-free and without any liability to suppliers. As a result, factories are facing a severe liquidity crunch, with the women who make our clothes placed in the most vulnerable situation. No longer receiving pay, despite having already done the work, these women are quite literally at risk of starving to death.”
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Representatives for the Jenner sisters denied the allegations in a statement to Diet Prada, noting that Kendall + Kylie does not produce in Bangladesh. They also pointed out that the brand is not owned by GBG, but by 3072541 Canada Inc.
Canada Inc. and GBG, however, worked together “several years” ago. “Canada Inc. worked with them in a sales capacity for Europe and South America for sales only,” a representative for Kylie told Teen Vogue.
Kendall + Kylie remained under GBG’s list of “kids” brands until June 23. A GBG representative then confirmed that the company “does not design or manufacture any product for Kendall + Kylie.”
Despite the new information, Remake still seeks answers from Kendall + Kylie. They want to confirm that the brand had paid workers who produced their items amid the COVID-19 crisis.
Kendall + Kylie listed under Global Brands Group’s “Kids” brands. Image via @diet_prada
“Today, we received word from a KENDALL + KYLIE representative that the label does not have ‘current’ orders with Global Brands Group and will pursue legal action if we didn’t remove our posts and apologize,” Remake wrote in an update. We ask: do KENDALL + KYLIE know who makes their label? And if the women have been paid during the crisis?”
Until we receive clear answers from the team that KENDALL + KYLIE have proof they paid garment makers, we will not back down. We invite them to dialogue w/ us to learn more about the women who bring their label to life.
As of this writing, Instagram users have continued calling out the Jenner sisters to make them pay for their alleged debts. Some also accused them of deleting and/or blocking such comments.
Feature Image via Kendall + Kylie
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