North Korea is Learning How to Develop Nukes in Japan, Activist Claims

A university in Tokyo has allegedly become the training ground for students who contribute to North Korea’s nuclear program.
Ken Kato, director of Human Rights in Asia, submitted a petition to the United Nations panel, urging the body to “conduct a thorough investigation into violations of United Nations sanctions by the Korea University”.
Kato claimed that the university, located in Kodaira, western Tokyo, requires students to enlist as members of the ­Korean Youth League in Japan, which vows to “raise youths to ­become true Kim Il-sung-Kim Jong-il followers”.
The university reportedly holds classes in advanced chemistry, control engineering, electrical engineering, electronic machinery and nuclear physics. As per South China Morning Post, it is operated by Chongryun, an organization represented by Korean residents in Japan who remain loyal to North Korea.
In addition, Kato asserted that the university serves as North Korea’s center for espionage activities in Japan. He warned:
“We have to stop this sort of nuclear and industrial espionage in Japan as quickly as possible. Nuclear weapons are in the hands of the world’s most unpredictable dictator, who could use them on a whim.”
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