Japanese People Apparently Have an Odd Fetish For Women Blowing on Hot Coffee

Photos of pretty Japanese girls blowing on steaming hot cup of coffee are taking the spotlight in a one-of-a-kind photography project by Japanese artists.
In both manga and anime, “romantic set pieces” popularized in Japanese media, such as the “kabe-don” (hitting a wall), “ago-kui” (using fingers to lift somebody’s chin) and “sode-kuru” (sleeve-rolling) have become popular internet memes.
Among these common tropes found in Japanese media is a scene featuring a cute Japanese girl blowing on a guy’s hot coffee to make it cool for him.
The scene, which is basically seen as a reflection of kindness mixed with an implied intimacy, is now the subject of a photography project recently launched online, reported Rocketnews 24.
The website titled “Fuu-Fuu” (a play on the sound of the lips blowing air) is the brainchild of photographer Keisuke Inoue and designer Sakas Hayasaka. The site and its Facebook page both contain images of a variety of cute girls blowing on hot coffee shot in different angles.
The production is the result of reportedly six months of shooting and three more months of design and website coding.
The creators are hoping to add more to the collection and are continuously seeking models to “blow more hot coffee” for the project.
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