Japanese Soccer Star Drops F-Bomb After Mispronouncing a Word

Keisuke Honda

Famous Japanese soccer player Keisuke Honda apologized for his adorable slip up during an interview in Australia last week when he mispronounced the word “fact” in an unfortunate way.

At one point during his talk with reporters last week, Honda told them “I have to take care of myself. It’s bad but it’s real, it’s fact.” A brief moment of silence clouded the event venue before Melbourne Victory’s head coach Kevin Muscat stepped in to clear the air saying, “Fact. Fact issue,” according to SoraNews24.

At that point, Honda realized he’d mispronounced the word. What the English-speaking audience had heard instead was “it’s bad but it’s real, it’s f*cked.”

The video eventually became viral with over 502,000 views at the time of writing. Some netizens also helped translate what’s going on in the clip to help viewers understand how Honda made the slip.

Fact! Sorry. My pronunciation is maybe bad,” Honda said soon after realizing he made a mistake.

No, no I understood you. But they were…yeah,” Muscat replied.

Later that day, Honda made a post in his Twitter account thanking FOX Sports, again asserting that he will study English more.

I will study English harder… anyway thank you FOX sports for a great opportunity to improve my English,” he wrote.

Netizens, meanwhile, couldn’t help but laugh at the funny mistake Honda made. Some humorously expressed that either word would have made perfect sense.

Many also praised Muscat for playing the situation off quite well.

Featured image Instagram and Twitter / keisukehonda (left) and FOXFOOTBALL (right)

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