Figure Skater Unfurling Flag for Japanese Olympic Champ is the Most Canadian Thing Ever

Internet users are applauding Canadian figure skater Keegan Messing after he unfurled the Japanese flag during a medal award ceremony at the 2019 Autumn Classic International on Saturday.

During the ceremony, where Messing won Bronze, the 27-year-old figure skater realized that the Japanese flag wasn’t noticeable when the country’s national anthem started playing, according to CBC.

Without a moment’s notice, Messing unfurled the flag behind gold medal winner Yuzuru Hanyu. The 24-year-old Japanese figure skater came down from his podium to face and give respect to his country’s flag, which Messing held for the duration of the anthem.

Hanyu then repaid Messing’s kind gesture by bowing to him after the anthem ended as the crowd cheered their showcase of sportsmanship.

Twitter users praised Messing for his gesture.

Hanyu won the tournament with a total score of 279.05, Olympic Channel reported.

French figure skater Kevin Aymoz took home the silver medal with a score of 262.47, while Messing landed bronze with a total of 256.02 score.

Featured Image Screenshot via Facebook / CBC Olympics

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