‘Keanu Doing Things’ is the Best Keanu Reeves Meme Trend of 2018

Keanu Reeves, who is, without a doubt, one of the nicest celebrities in the world, has become an internet trend once again — this time, people seem to be fixated on the random things he’s been doing.

The new meme, which is called “Keanu Doing Things,” pretty much explains itself. It’s a collection of pictures that shows the 53-year-old actor doing random stuff like casually walking, drinking, or even just using a payphone.

While the pictures don’t necessarily come off as funny, the captions, on the other hand, make everything hilarious. Check out some of them below:

His sense of fashion is definitely something.

But hey, at least he is very consistent.

Remember the days when you didn’t have a front-facing selfie-cam? Well, Keanu does.

Keanu sitting on a chair on top of a bed because haha why not?

So what did Keanu say about this new internet trend? Well, no one knows. But people seem to think he would be cool with this since he is pretty chill – especially with the “Sad Keanu” meme.

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Featured image via Twitter / keanuthings

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