Keanu Reeves Appears to Be SpongeBob’s God, Supernatural Apparatus or All-Knowing Head in New Film

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves appears to be playing a role in the new “SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run” as something of a supernatural entity. 


The latest film of the SpongeBob franchise which is set to hit theatres in May 2020, features Keanu Reeves in an ambiguous role. All is not peanut butter and jellyfish jelly in Bikini Bottom as SpongeBob’s beloved pet snail Gary has been allegedly “snailnapped.”

Image Screenshot via Paramount Pictures

In Paramount Picture’s latest trailer for the film, SpongeBob and Patrick encounter Reeves as a celestial glowing head. He has something of an all-powerful essence, and perhaps doubts the intelligence of the aquatic pair as he has to explain the double entendre nature of his name.

Image Screenshot via Paramount Pictures

“Call me Sage… I am made out of sage and I am a Sage so it works out pretty well,” Reeves tells the pair as they stand before him.

Reeves has been quite the hit this past year. He recently starred alongside Ali Wong and Randall Park in “Always Be My Maybe,” is filming the next “John Wick” and may possibly be cast as Moon Knight.

Although we won’t have all the details of Reeve’s SpongeBob cameo until the film comes out, there is one thing we know. Whether he’s SpongeBob’s God, his grandmother tree from “Pocahontas” or maybe something like Zordon from “Power Rangers,” Reeves has tons of worshippers on and off the screen.

Feature Image Screenshot via Paramount Pictures

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