Keanu Reeves announces upcoming novel ‘The Book of Elsewhere’

Keanu Reeves announces upcoming novel ‘The Book of Elsewhere’Keanu Reeves announces upcoming novel ‘The Book of Elsewhere’
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Keanu Reeves has announced the release of his upcoming novel inspired by “Brzrkr,” a comic title he co-created with writer Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney.
Expanding on the “Brzrkr” universe: In a pre-recorded video shared with “Good Morning America,” the 59-year-old actor expresses his excitement for his book, titled “The Book of Elsewhere,” set to hit shelves in July. Reeves reveals that the novel expands his comic book’s narrative about “an immortal warrior’s fight through the ages.”

About Reeves’ comic: “Brzrkr,” pronounced “berserker,” became the highest-selling original comic book debut in over 25 years when the 12-issue limited series came out in 2021. It broke Kickstarter records for comic book funding, raising over $1.4 million. The critically acclaimed comic is currently being adapted by Netflix into a live-action film and a follow-up anime series.
A collaborative effort: The new novel is the result of a collaboration between Reeves and British speculative fiction writer China Miéville. The multi-awarded author is best known for his works “Perdido Street Station,” “The City & the City” and “Railsea,” among others. In a press release shared with People, Reeves spoke highly of the New York Times-bestselling author, praising his approach in coming up with a “clear architecture for the story.”
For his part, Miéville expressed his joy in experimenting and collaborating with Reeves during the novel’s creation. Both Reeves and Miéville expressed hope that readers would experience the same pleasure in reading “The Book of Elsewhere” as they did in its creation.
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