‘Respected’ Female Legal Recruiter Advises Indebted Law Students to Find Sugar Daddies

Graduates of New York University’s School of Law allegedly received a recent email from a respected legal recruitment firm suggesting that they use sugar daddy matchmaking sites to pay for their legal education, according to
Graduates received an email from executive recruiting firm Parker + Lynch with a subject line that read “Cost of NYU is making it #1 on Matchmaking Site.” The email, sent by Parker + Lynch’s attorney search director, Katherine Loanzon, pitched students the idea of signing up with the popular sugar daddy matchmaking website SeekingArrangements. Loanzon wrote in her email:
“Dear Fellow Grads,
Have you heard of how some NYU students are finding unconventional ways to pay off their debt?  According to the matchmaking website, Seekingarrangement.com, where “sugar babies” get matched with “sugar daddies” or “sugar mommas”, NYU students topped the list in “Sugar Baby” registrants.
In 2015, 225 NYU students signed up as “sugar babies”.  This is an ingenious way for students to pay off debt! With the rising cost of tuition, it will be fun to see what other alternative business arrangements NYU students will enter into to pay off their debt.
Our NYU degrees did not come cheap, so career success, along with something like seekingarrangement.com, will get that debt paid off.   I can help with the former.  Is there a good time to chat about your career path and how I can help?
Katherine Loanzon, Esq.
Attorney Search Director
Parker + Lynch”
Loanzon’s recruitment pitch offered students the opportunity to “chat about [their] career path” to figure out a potential alternative to pay off their NYU degree debts.
So if all else fails, just get a sugar daddy — you won’t find advice
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