High School Teacher Caught on Tape Making a Racist Remark Towards Asian Student

A high school teacher in Ohio has been placed on leave after making a racist remark towards a student of Asian descent.

The teacher, Katherine Klimach of Butler Tech, made the comment while instructing a class at Fairfield High School which was caught on video. While the actual date of the recording is unknown, it is believed to have been made earlier this year. In it, only the back of the Asian student can be seen while Klimach’s voice can be heard saying:

“We’re waiting for it to come on. You broke it already. What’s wrong with you? You Chinese are supposed to make computers, and you’re breaking them instead.”

Butler Tech removed Klimach from the classroom when they first became aware of the video due to complaints on Oct. 6. Klimach is currently taking cultural sensitivity training and has expressed remorse for her actions. It is unclear whether she will be fired.

Michael Beauchat, a spokesman for Butler Tech, said in a statement to WCPO:

“Comments like those heard on the video have no place in the classroom, and we fully understand the community’s disappointment. We are disappointed, too.”

The Fairfield School district has in the past received criticism over their handling of a 2014 incident when 13-year-old student Emilie Olsen committed suicide in a tragic case of bullying and racial harassment that was seemingly neglected by district officials.

Source: WCPO

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