Meet Katharina Andresen — The Second Youngest Billionaire in the World

Meet Katharina Andresen — The Second Youngest Billionaire in the World

March 2, 2016
While the internet has been all over
Though a year apart, the billionaire sisters can’t appear more different in their online social media lives. Katharina Andresen, 20, is the edgy, fashionable older sister who sports a trendy pixie cut.
Her curly brown-haired younger sister Alexandra, is a seemingly shy professional dressage rider who can be found posing with a number of her horses on Instagram.
The older Andresen sister is the 1,476th richest person in the world by Forbes after she inherited a $1.2 billion family company stake from her father, Johan F. Andresen. Though Alexandra’s social media is rather modest, Katharina’s online social media life gives followers a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of the second youngest billionaire in the world.
Her artsy Instagram includes photos of the 20-year-old sunbathing on yachts, driving luxury cars and adjusting to life as a university student. Andresen, who is originally from Oslo, Norway, is partaking in a study abroad program at Amsterdam University College.
After enrolling as a student, Andresen uploaded a picture of her dorm room with the following caption:
“Aaaaand it is (almost) finished. Quite small, but my mother and I made the best of it #lookingforwardforasingelroom.”
Aside from a few photos of her laptop and books, Andresen’s profile features glamorous shots of exotic vacations around the world including the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, New York, Italy and London.
According to Daily Mail, one photo snapped the superyacht “Sunny Hill”, a chartered boat with six crew members that includes fine dining rooms, a cinema-quality television and a jacuzzi on deck. The mega-boat costs $53,752 per week to hire in the summer and sleeps 12 guests in five staterooms.
Andresen isn’t shy about sharing her love for expensive designer shoes made by designers like Jimmy Choo and Valentino. Her international model boyfriend, Mads Madsen, isn’t hesitant about showing off his chiseled six-pack abs either.
Madsen, 23, is a Danish actor and model who won the title of Mr. Denmark in 2011. He has also competed in the grand international beauty competition Mr. International 2011 while representing his home country.
Both Andresen sisters studied at Forres Sandle Manor, a British boarding prep school in Fordingbridge, Hampshire. The school costs over $35,000 a year to attend. Andresen is now believed to be studying social science at Amsterdam University College.
She has partaken in the family business with a special focus on its philanthropic efforts in the past. She said during an interview for her company’s corporate magazine:
“I could choose not to work and not to do some things, but I will take part in the community and look forward to it.”
Her father strives to teach his daughters to be conscientious of spending as she says he insists they buy second-hand cars. Andresen is wary of how others treat her as well as she says people have come to associate her name with money.
She retold of an incident during lunch break at her primary school in Majorstuen, Oslo, when her classmates looked over and saw she had nearly $1,700 in her account. She said:
“When the boys saw that they were shocked. It has been important for me when I get to know new people, so that they see me and not the money. I have to see how the person is before I let them get close to me.”
The family founded their fortune in the tobacco industry and sold the company back in 2005 for ethical reasons. They invested their wealth in real estate property and hedge funds in what would become conglomerate company Ferd Holdings.
Their father transferred 80% of his shares to his daughters in 2007 and their personal fortune was made public as they were required to publish their tax returns after turning 17.
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