Leonardo DiCaprio’s Former Assistant Reveals What It’s Like To Have Him as a Boss

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Former Assistant Reveals What It’s Like To Have Him as a Boss

March 4, 2016
Even before he snagged an Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio has always been one of Hollywood’s most interesting actors.
On that subject, Kasi Brown, the movie star’s personal assistant during the filming of “The Aviator”, may have some insight.
In an email interview with the Huffington Post, Brown shared that she found the talented actor “very smart” and that he knew quite a bit about “politics, pop culture, history, you name it.” DiCaprio is also described as having a “wicked sense of humor” and spending his free time on the set chatting with everyone.
He’s extremely down to earth, and he likes to share stories and life experiences with people,” said Brown.
As DiCaprio’s assistant, Brown was entrusted to manage DiCaprio’s day-to-day life, which included accompanying the actor on the movie set. When DiCaprio went out of his trailer, Brown says she would cover him with an umbrella so that the paparazzi “couldn’t snap photos of him making weird faces while he rehearsed.”
She learned early on that the famous actor preferred to be anonymous in public. DiCaprio once told her that he loves Halloween. She said that when she asked for a reason, his face turned serious and he said he preferred anonymity.
“He said it was nice to be able to walk amongst people and interact with them without recognition. Just be like everybody else without any expectation.
According to Brown, she landed the job out of a lucky connection. Her best friend, Kayce Brown, who had worked as DiCaprio’s assistant on “Catch Me If You Can,” invited her to be on the set of “The Aviator” in Montreal to hang out.
She spent the days with her friend during filming and then the two would later go out on the town with DiCaprio after filming ended.
When filming for “The Aviator” relocated to Los Angeles and her friend decided to move on to assist Kate Hudson, Brown finally got the break to replace her friend as DiCaprio’s PA.
She asked me if I was interested in taking over the position,” Kasi said. “I thought, why not? It would give me the opportunity, as a filmmaker, to watch Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio work. I’d be an idiot to turn down a learning opportunity like that!”
Brown seemed to be the perfect fit for the job. Soon enough, Kasi Brown became the new Kayce Brown.
Brown shared that even after “The Aviator” wrapped up filming and DiCaprio was no longer her boss, they continued to stay in touch with the popular actor providing encouragement on her projects many years later.
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