Boss Asks His Workers to Decorate Their Desks — They Make the Most Epic Office Ever

Few office employees have the creative skill, imagination and permission from the boss to construct something as awesome as what Karl Young made in his office.

Young wrote on BoredPanda:

“When we returned to work after New Year we had an email from our boss containing one simple task: do something to decorate our desks to help the team get over the January blues.”

“Being the creative team, we decided we needed to do something special. So we decided to build a giant cardboard castle in the office.”

With enough cardboard sheets to make a castle (literally) and around 80 glue sticks, Young and his coworkers raced to build their castle before the next morning.

After nine hours of planning and construction, Young and his team finished their castle, drawbridge included.

Clearly, the “January Blues” are not recognized in Castle Kickass.

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